Linux and HP 1320 printing

I have an HP LaserJet 1320 printer connected to an HP ew2500 JetDirect network interface. Despite the uniform branding, printing from my Ubuntu laptop is too frequently a horrendous experience. Simple text documents typically work well with the standard Postscript drivers, but do not attempt anything beyond that. The outcome of printing a PDF file with graphics is typically the entire content of the paper tray filled with apparently random ASCII characters. How to simply install a printer and get your stuff on paper: LPR, IPP, IPPS, DNS-SD, HTTP, HTTPS, AppSocket:9100, CUPS, HPLIP, PS, PCL3, PCl4, PCL5, PCL6 … WTF! It took me twice quite some time to get the printer working properly, both times finally using a script David Everly hosted back in 2006. Since the original link ( no longer works, but the script still does, I will host it here for future use: hplj1320.tar. The produced .PPD file is used with an Appsocket/HP JetDirect connection. Make sure the available printer memory is set in the Installable Options tab of the Printer Properties. Let’s hope manufacturers of printers some day see the benefits of standardization and start to deliver products that simply work … including on Linux.