I have been struggling to get my HackRF One working again on a new laptop with the latest Ubuntu release. Although being detected as USB device, the hackrf_info utility continued to stop working with the following error:

Found HackRF board 0:
hackrf_open() failed: HACKRF_ERROR_LIBUSB (-1000)

Repeatedly starting hackrf_info resulted in a proper response on all occasions except for the first call. The HackRF One was also not functional in other programs. Info from various mailing lists seemed to point to the recentlt introduced hackrf kernel module. However, unloading this module or adding it to a blacklist did not bring a solution for my case. Eventually, it turned out that the firmware of the HackRF does not support USB suspend. All that was needed was to add the USB device ID to a blacklist (/etc/default/tlp) and start TLP again as superuser:


A similar solutions exist in case laptop-mode-tools is used: [Hackrf-dev] HackRF, USB Autosuspend, etc.